Top Tweets from this Week

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Here’s a little entertainment to get you through the rest of the week.  I’m experimenting with a second weekly segment where I aggregate interesting online posts from politicos and news organizations.  Some posts will encapsulate unique uses of new media, while others will just highlight most absurd and hilarious online posts.  For the first segment, I’ve chosen to focus on Twitter.  Please let me know how I can make improvements!


Top Humor Tweets:

The Most Absurd Tweets:

My Favorite Tweet from this Week:

This is a great Retweet by Romney to reinforce his image as a family man (an image he suffered to establish during the 2012 election).  But more importantly, this is Romney’s first tweet since he lost the election!  Is Romney’s vacation out of the spotlight over?  What’s he planning to do next?  Is his hair still silky smooth?  I don’t know but we should all be on the lookout for what he plans to do next.  We can start by following his appearance at CPAC.


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