About The New Media Experiment

Welcome to the New Media Experiment: Social Media and Politics by Michael M. Kimmelman!

New Media has taken over political communications. It’s a fact of life. While politicians and political news organizations have embraced new media for communications purposes, they’re still beta testing.  We the people are very much the test subjects, for good or for worse.

Enter the New Media Experiment. NME seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. Can we trust news reports from Facebook?
  2. Will social media continue to revolutionize political campaigns?
  3. Who will maintain quality control?

From online articles to tweets, NME analyzes which new media tactic work and which don’t; what’s cutting-edge and what’s flat out hilarious. And on the flip side, NME explores how ordinary folks and grass roots organizations can employ new media strategies and tactics to stick it to the man.

But we (royal we) want to know what additional questions you want NME to explore and analyze. The opportunities are endless. Comment below to let us know!


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