My name is Michael M. Kimmelman and welcome to the New Media Experiment!  Through studying international relations, and riding the internship train through the Beltway, I learned that new media has taken over political communications.  I used to be a cable news fanatic.  That changed, however, because watching CNN requires that I (A) buy a cable account, (B) pay for that account, and (C) suffer through Comcast’s Reign of Terror.

Although I’ve succumbed to cable, I am nevertheless part of a large group that are guinea pigs in the New Media Political Experiment.  Politicians and political news organizations quickly embraced new media, but they have yet to refine it.  We are the test subjects.

But it’s time to flip the tables.  Can we trust news reports from Facebook?  Will social media continue to revolutionize political campaigns?  Who will maintain quality control?  From online articles to tweets, this blog will follow the use of new media by politicians and analyze what works and what doesn’t; what’s cutting-edge and what’s flat out hilarious.  Enjoy!